The Flag of Yaracuy State is Official Since January 14, 1995

This other symbol, was born in the days of 1994 from the government of Nelson Suarez Montiel and served as public relations of the executive Raiza Ojeda with her Noris Galindez among others. And they devised a contest to create a flag and complete the anthem, shield and flag trilogy. The contest was made in two batches, as many people attended but their designs did not meet the specified bases.

In the second round, she won the award, the design of Amparo Katiuska Garrido Rivas. Its flag was decreed as a symbol of the state on January 14, 1995.

Colors and elements Edit

Red: The Blood of the People who fought to achieve the autonomy that made possible the creation of the province of Yaracuy, in 1855.

White: Symbolizes the helpful and always open spirit of the people.

The circle in the center, with the colors yellow, blue and green; It means the sun, the sky and the earth. A trilogy that conjugates to exalt the natural wealth of the state; and project, before the country and the world, its potential privileges and virtues. In this circle, the yellow color of the sun stands out, which represents the riches of the soil and the resources derived from it; the mountains, of brown color, together with the green one, synthesize the agricultural and vegetal wealth that comes to us from the formation of this earth.

Blue: together with the yellow and red, they symbolize the Colors of the Flag Of Venezuela And The hydrological resources available to the territory.

Flag proposals Edit

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