The Flag of Zulia State Is Official Since January 23, 1991

José Bauza (Legislative Assembly of the State Zulia), Lic. Luis Tirado (Academy of History of Zulia), Lic. Aquilina Morales (University of Zulia) and General Néstor Lara (National Armed Forces), decides to decide and qualify projects and proposals presented; In total there were 403.

In the first selection, they qualified 21 proposals and within this group the jury, on October 29, 1990, leaned towards the design presented by José Antonio Urdaneta, The flag of Zulia was officially decreed as such on January 23, 1991, according to Decree No. 231 of Governor Dr. Oswaldo Álvarez Paz and was first flown on January 28 of that same year.

Colors and elements Edit

Blue: the waters of Lake Maracaibo,

Black: the oil wealth.

Yellow Sun: Represents the City of Maracaibo, the city of the beloved sun.

White Ray: Represents the lightning of Catatumbo.

Flag Redesigns Edit

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